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FREE Shipping on all orders over $25 (use code FREESHIP25)
FREE Shipping on all orders over $25 (use code FREESHIP25)

Sick Bag Specifications

disposable morning sickness vomit barf bags with a pregnant lady logo on the front in a variety of colors by The Barf Boutique

Our Materials

Water tested in The Barf Boutique kitchen for quality and dependability, our barf bags proved stronger and more leak resistant compared to all competitors tested.  We use a special extra thick paper stock coated with a heavy duty polyethyline (plastic) lining that makes our sickness bags lightweight, waterproof, and disposable.  They're easy to use, portable, convenient, and discrete.  Keep a pack handy in your glove compartment, purse, or backpack for those unexpected emergencies!


 Bag Dimensions

9.5" L x 5" W x 3" D

 Our bag size was specifically chosen for optimal portability, ease of use, and storage.  They're similar in size to those found on most commercial airplanes.  The bags are big enough for an average adult user and small enough to be carried discretely in a pocket, purse, backpack, or seat pocket. 


Look for The Barf Boutique® seal on the bottom of every barf bag.

Disclaimer: Bags are meant for temporary not permanent storage of liquid.  They should be disposed of as soon as possible after usage.