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About Us

The Story
When Kelli Lee was 8-years old, an accidental blow to her head resulted in a lifelong battle with chronic nausea and motion sickness.  In 2005 she became so disabled that she could no longer work, drive her own car, sit in a restaurant, or watch television without getting dizzy and motion sick.
The Barf Boutique® began as a "gallows humor" joke that popped out of an emotionally charged, late night conversation between Kelli, her mother Rose, and God.  Kelli's artistic talents, long-term disability, unemployment , and questions like "Why me?" and "What can I do?" were all topics discussed that night.  Suddenly out of nowhere, Rose flippantly suggested selling barf bags.  To her shock and dismay, Kelli took the idea seriously and ran in every, unexpected direction with it......
The Artist
Kelli Lee has been drawing and painting since she was a child.  Little did she know back then that one day her canvas would be 115 barf bags.  A fact that doesn't surprise people who know about her talents and illness. Prior to her disability, she was a marketing and advertising executive at Nestle, Logitech, The Learning Company, and Activision.  She holds a BA in Communications from UCLA and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Southern CA.   Kelli is also a formally trained interior designer and a graduate of the Professional Interior Design Program at UCLA. 
The Copywriter
Rose Lee is a retired English and substitute teacher from the Los Angeles Unified School District.  This project put her wacky sense of humor and wordsmithing skills to good use. 
Contact Us
This project has been truly a heartfelt labor of love.  Hope you have as much fun with our bags as we had creating them.  Thanks for shopping with us!
Kelli & Rose
Kelli & Rose

The Barf Boutique
24 Roy St. #474
Seattle, WA 98109

Local: 206-280-5532
Toll Free: 1-877-805-BAGS (2247)
Fx: 1-877-805-6551
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